Sunday, 14 March 2010

Follow the White Rabbit

I was teaching the Light Body Activation course last week when an Angel of Healing came to knock on my womb and asked me to get up and go to see the doctor. I have learnt to listen to my angels. In this respect I am a good girl and I do what I am told.

The Angel was right, better than a body scan, he diagnosed me correctly from up above: cancer (I still can not use the word with ease. That's probably a good sign, anyways).

As a big believer in energy healing, I am now digging into my long buried issues during my daily meditations and doing a big spring clearing, knowing that my cells will return to innocence and divine perfection when my mind allows them to. When my emotions set their gauge on 'empty' again. When my beliefs around my own self dissolve.

Archangel MaHaEl has been working overtime on me, cleansing and cutting cords. During my meditation I was shown an image of a white rabbit at my home. I am not a big fan of domesticated pats after me and my loved one got infested with ringworm last summer, having brought home two little kittens we found on the street. I thought we had learnt our lesson but as I said, when the angels suggest something, I follow.

And so I followed the White Rabbit. I first thought it must have some hidden mystical meaning and so I searched on google. What came up was the meaning of good luck ~ I was born on a Sunday so I should have plenty of that. Let's hope :-) AND Alice in Wonderland. Of course. She, just like Neo in Matrix, had to follow the White Rabbit.

I did too and went to the cinema today with my loved One to watch Alice in Wonderland. I was simply enjoying this marvelous story when my Guide nudged me in my shoulder: Listen NOW...

I sharpened my focus. Alice was just talking to the Hatter, awakening from her powerlessness into her 'Muchness"

"Since I have fallen down the hole, they shrunk me, they stretched me, they scratched me, everyone has been telling me what to do. Enough. Now it is time for me to follow MY path!"

It shook me. It shook something in me that needed to be shaken. My Being is set on healing and I have asked all beings of the light to assist me in clearing the garbage in my soul matrix that is causing my cells to go bonkers. Thus I am receptive to all messages coming through now. I get it.

"Since I have fallen down the hole, they shrunk me, they stretched me, they scratched me, everyone has been telling me what to do. Enough. Now it is time for me to follow MY path!"

Since I was born into this world (fell down the hole), I have been shrunk, stretched, scratched. I chose a very challenging childhood ~ somewhat similar to a concentration camp. It left some deep scars~ deeper than I would ever want them to be. I learnt to suppress my true inner being, I learnt to follow orders and severe discipline to a point that I forgot what my own inner flow felt like.

In my intimate relationships I have been replaying this pattern of suppression of the Inner Desires successfully, too. Till today. Till I have surrendered to the White Rabbit and listened.

It all became oh so obvious and simple: SURRENDER to the inner flow is the answer. Let go of all fear, let go off all by now self imposed limitations and Get Free, Get Happy inside out.

Lalalala... I was ecstatic. My muchness has been awakened fully.

Just as we were leaving the movie theatre, the final song started to play and left me speechless. The White Rabbit has done a great job luring me down the rabbit hole, and I am so grateful I followed.

" I am freaking out. Where am I now? I found my self in Wonderland. I'll take a stand until the end. I will survive"

Trippin out
Spinning around
I'm underground
I fell down
Yeah I fell down

I'm freaking out, where am I now?
Upside down and I can't stop it now
Can't stop me now, oh oh

I,I, I'll get by
I,I, I'll survive
When the world's crashing down
When I fall and hit the ground
I will turn myself around
Don't you try to stop me
I,I, I won't cry

I found myself in Wonderland
Got back on my feet, again
Is this real?
Is this pretend?
I'll take a stand until the end

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Divine Guidance

What would we be without divine guidance? Would we even BE without it?

The mystery of life is undoubtedly large beyond our understanding. I would like to think that at least someone on this planet knows it all, understands it all, keeps a track of our evolution and makes sure all is well. I have not met a human soul like that yet but let me keep on believing that they exist. Maybe somewhere up in the Himalaya Mountains, hiding away from the insanity of modern humanity, living 8,000 years no worries, in bliss and ecstasy, keeping an eye on us 'little ones' down here, allowing us to play our game of life on our playground and stepping in only when our games get out of control.

I might not have met them in a human form but all my life, magnificent Beings from the non-physical world have been visiting me, stepping into my life, guiding me, making me love myself, my life and others more and gently keeping me on my path.

The first time I had an encounter with something larger than myself was when I was a very young child. I grew up in communist Czechoslovakia where there was no room for religion. Our lives were filled with Soviet and Eastern Block propaganda and God did not exist.

I was too young to even think of such large concepts but something in my soul, something in my heart kept on pulling me 'higher'. I kept feeling the presence of many loving Beings. Deep inside of me, I was feeling a desire to touch the Divine, to give myself to it, to give my life to the Larger Aspect of life than the Material.

There were 3 old churches in my small town and I would sneak in and watch the pries pray. I can not even remember how he made it through the god-less regime. But there he was. An old man, running occasional mass for a few old ladies. I loved talking to them as a child of 6. I would visit them in their 'ancient' homes, most of them were widows and we would together go to the cemetery to clean their husbands' gravestones. They would tell me stories and teach me how to pray to Jesus and Virgin Mary.

I found my world! And I became passionate. I started to write poetry about Jesus and almost made my atheist grandma faint. She would appropriately exclaim: "Jesus Christ, this child has gone mad!"

I hope not. I found my gateway to something larger, and when I started to speak with 'it", it responded.

My grandfather was also an atheist and conversations about God would only awake one reaction in him: " Bugger off..." He was the most loving man ever and had a huge, HUGE heart for everyone but did not enjoy talking about the philosophical, invisible aspects of life. He was a practical man and a passionate art collector.

And so I ended up with a giant painting of Mother Mary on the wall of my room. I would adore her light, her halo, her smile, her giving of herself to the Source. The painting was inviting me to rise into the Light with her.

One night before going to bed, I was in a deep conversation with her, asking her about the Soul. What it is and if she could show me.

And so she did. Just as I was falling asleep, I could suddenly feel my body as if sliding out of me. I could not make much sense of it, but I was leaving me. The transition was quick. I was now hovering above my small body and was AMAZED. I was a SOUL and could NO WAY imagine that the small body lying on the bed was in any way mine.

Divine guidance made her presence known. Mother Mary was with me!!! She laughed at me, explaining to me that the tiny body does in deed belong to me and that I will need to go back. I was however trying to explain to her that that is Impossible!

"Look at me! I am so large! I am huge! No way can I EVER fit into that small body!" Knock, Knock. I could hear someone knocking on the door. I instinctively 'flew" to have a look who it was. What a blast: I could fly through the wall, and saw my stepfather knocking on the door. I was not going to open as I would first need to go back into my body. I was very happy where I was!

Mother Mary did not let me stay though. She took me back in. I do not know how SHE managed to fit me back in, but there I was. A 6 year old child once again. No more large me, no more unlimited me. Back to boundaries.

Since then, Life has never been the same. But in fact, it never is.

Have a blessed day and know, you are never alone.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

There is always a Bright Side...

I was sitting at home on my meditation chair quite blissfully when my doctor sent me a text, asking me to call him urgently. I hesitated for a moment as my mind was quite fast in producing scary scenarios. "Hmmm, I am sorry to tell you this on a Friday just before the weekend...but you have cancer.."

Well, I guess the weekend will be a challenging one. Or maybe not...who knows. Right now, I do not know. I do not think. I do not exist. I have frozen all in me in order not to feel. It is a natural survival technique I 'devised' as a small child when my environment became too hostile. Some animals do it in the face of danger, why not me?!

Danger. We have learnt to think of cancer as danger. I can not even use the word. We should not be using it either. It is just Dis-ease. Dis-EASE. Where did I go off 'ease"? I know that once I have the answer, I have the medicine and the path of return to radiant health.

I know with absolute certainty that our minds are beyond powerful. In my belief system, we create our reality with our emotions, feelings, thoughts, words and only finally: actions, no doubt. Where did my emotions escape my inner harmony scan? Where did they sneak in and hid in the dark and created dis-ease?

I do not have to ask too long. Once upon a time I was a child growing up in a perfectly messed up family. Nothing was a normality. For 14 years of my life I lived in fear, guilt, terror, tension and abuse. I survived and ended up forgiving all, healing all, and loving all. At least I thought so.

It only became obvious to me now that some parts of me are still angry with my care-taker who did not care much. My conscious mind does not see that, but my inner child screams that. How could I not have heard and listened for so long?

I am ready now. I know I must be. There are amazing healers performing miracles on me now, and I am so deeply grateful for their love and light! Mark & Aligi .Yet I know that no true and permanent healing can take place without me removing the cause from my system. The cells can be healed with energy, yet my mind, my emotions, my beliefs are to be cleared by me. I am after all the master of them all:-)

Last night an angel appeared to me. He was tall and blue and took me to a pebbled beach. He pulled a red being out of me- my angry child. The angel asked me to transform this anger and thus be healed. He also showed me what it feels like to 'die' and allowed me to feel the bliss of leaving the physical and shifting into the non-physical. It was Peace. It was Beauty. And yet, I am not wanting to manifest that now. I quite like the adventure of Life on Earth.

I woke up at 3 a.m. as every night. The angels have chosen this quiet hour to talk to us, I believe. All collective consciousness is asleep then and the angels' whispers can be heard better.

We had a little chat in the silence of the night: "It is so easy for you, Angels, isn't it..You just show me how beautiful physical death will be and you think you can tempt me with that. No, not now. Now I need to know how to release old anger so that it is gone for good. Show me!"

I went back to sleep. When I checked my e-mail in the morning I could not believe my eyes. (even though, yes, by now after living with the angels for 34 years, I should just smile and believe). I received an e-mail from Florida from a lady who was offering her free e-book: "Healing Your Life with Forgiveness and Love".


I sat down to meditate, and words kept flooding my mind. Healing was taking place. My inner child was guided by the angels into LOVE.

The Angels asked me to record my journey of healing as guided meditations they whisper in my ear. Here is one of them, for all those whose inner child might be hurting. You never know. Go and visit him or her now and ask.